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BUILD your professional business skills superpowers!
 your business with relationship building tools (CRM).
BUILD your clients and prospects  loyalty with the best customer experience(CX).
BUILD an ecosystem through community engagement.
BUILD a great experience with leads and referrals to follow!

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Some of Our Past Clients

Why was the CRM workshop for REALTORS created?

We began to get inquiries from REALTORS to help them with their accounting, contact management, organizational issues, marketing challenges, sales funnel strategies, lead conversions and how to stay ahead of the competition.

These consultations included asking questions:
How do they keep in touch with their clients?
How do they grow their referrals?
How do they fill their opportunity funnel?
How do they convert their leads?
How can “I” stay ahead of the competition?

We recognized a gaping hole for the REALTOR in navigating the CRM landscape and staying on top of the current marketing trends:

How does a REALTOR choose a CRM?
How does a REALTOR figure out which features they need in a CRM?
How does a REALTOR get started?
How does a REALTOR take all of their contacts in gmail or yahoo, or Outlook, and CTMe and combine them into one CRM contact database?
How does a CRM build my competitive advantages?

Finding an answer meant creating one that includes guiding the REALTOR in their education of CRM  features, strategies, understanding the revenue producing benefits and launch their CRM, all in one workshop.

With this as our mission we brought our CRM specialty skills, operational knowledge and sales/marketing prowess to the Real Estate space by developing, “The CRM Workshop for REALTORS”.

Some Of The Things We Will Cover in Your CRM WORKSHOP

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn during the workshop:

  • Wake up to the benefits of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Learn the strategies to build your contacts into a high energy communication hub.
  • Understand the differences and features of sales force automation, CRM features, email marketing campaigns, marketing automation and Social media marketing.
  • Learn how to re-discover and re-engage past clients, past friends, acquaintances, new referrals and current clients.
  • See how calls, notes, emails, newsletters and campaigns are captured in each contact’s history.
  • Master how to read the results of your marketing efforts with built-in reports that tell you who opened your e-communications – the date, the hour and how many times.
  • Review a library of content including monthly newsletters for your “keep in touch ” strategies.
  • Never lose contact again with your sphere.
  • Build a sellers and buyers profiles with activity plans and campaigns assigned.
  • Review how your databases upload into your CRM, including CTMe, Outlook, Gmail, and others.

You’ll also implement your specific business strategy if you are a:

  • New Licensed Realtors starting out
  • Realtors ready to jump their established business by 150%
  • Realtors ready to retire and implement an exit strategy

Enjoy special guest speakers in how they use their CRM for success!

What to Expect on the Day of Your Workshop

CRM only workshop costs:

Cash, Check, VISA/MasterCard.

No payments till you arrive at your workshop!
We hate processing refunds!

Many of our workshops are sponsored to reduce student costs and provide lunch.

Our destinations have cafes and plenty of lunch options in the surrounding areas.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and lunch as well.

We always have plenty of water bottles and snack trays for your enjoyment.

Please see your reservation confirmation for your workshops sponsor with lunch included.

We have chosen a top real estate specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution as our CRM textbook.

We review annually the industry’s top Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) solutions. Those that meet and exceed our
requirements are chosen as our textbook.

Bring your questions for the CRM you are using! We know them all!

On the day of your workshop you will have access to your CRM textbook to fully understand how to implement your branding, marketing, business strategies and the neurosciences of prospecting.

You will successfully understand the features and functionality you will need to build your business regardless of which CRM you are using! Priceless!

What to Bring on the Day of Your Workshop

Bring your Laptop and power cord!

Customer Experience

Bring your professional profile, picture, and logo.

Bring your cash, check, visa/mastercard at sign-in for payment processing.

Optional: bring your lunch. Our destinations also have library cafes and plenty of lunch options in the surrounding areas.

What Can Brokers Do for Their Agents?

REALTOR Brokers can schedule the CRM workshop at their business locations. We have a minimum requirement of 12 for a confirmed reservation.  We are conducting workshops in Colorado Springs, Denver,  Ft. Collins, and now in Grand Junction, Colorado. Contact Us to learn more…