Our Ideal Client

Eidesis Solutions provides expertise and experience supported by software solutions and technology to address businesses challenges in staying in building a real time customer experience (CX). We focus on the goal that our clients become customer-centric through our “Triple Threat Solutions”™, QuickBooks Online + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + “Lure and Leads”™ app. Together they become the building blocks to enable a Customer Experience (CX) for our customers.

We enable our clients to engage with their customers, respond to their customers on a personal level, and build loyalty with nurturing campaigns through data rich analyses.

Our focus includes banking systems, business services, community-government, legal, manufacturing, non-profits, real estate and retail. Our approach is to develop a holistic understanding of our client’s business. We bring to the relationship current technology trends and proven project outcomes.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is when we get a call from a client to ask for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) help we work with what they have already spent time, money and brain damage on. We support them in maximizing their chosen CRM to evolve them into the Customer Experience (CX) for their customers.  Many times clients call because they are frustrated thinking their CRM isn’t doing what they expected. Managing expectations and training is why we have experience with so many CRMs. We don’t change clients CRM we work with what they have.

Ultimately we guide our clients to fully embrace a real-time experience for their customers.

We Can Help with These CRM Tools