About Eidesis Solutions

Eidesis Solutions was founded by Jeanne E. Reynolds while working with clients in industries including business services, government contracting, legal, manufacturers, real estate, retail, and telecommunications. Although we always started with a critical business issue we always ended up in the same place, “how will a business process help a client grow their customer base?”

Every business process can be a reinforcement to an owner’s bottom line and a ‘connection” to the customer before, during and after a transaction. Every process in running your business is a process to reinforce your connection to your customer(s).

  • Answering the phone connects your energy
  • Response time to requests, reflect your respect toward your customer
  • Follow up to a transaction satisfaction translates to ongoing credibility
  • Consistently checking on a customer’s satisfaction shows the fidelity of your word

Eidesis Solutions threads these beliefs into their product choices for their clients.

About Jeanne E. Reynolds

Jeanne is an accomplished Operations and IT Executive with over 25 years of experience in positions where scope of responsibilities were consistently increased due to significant analytical, strategic, and  tactical skills. Jeanne’s career has been distinguished by successfully transforming chaotic, underperforming entrepreneurial and established companies, to strong organizational structures achieving maximum revenue results. Jeanne ‘s career has spanned large corporations from Great West Life to IHS to Comcast and the inspirational start-ups. Jeanne, through her company, Eidesis Solutions, builds, consults, and designs solutions including CRM solutions, so her clients can reach their goals and their ultimate transformation.

Jeanne has traveled overseas and visited over 36 countries, played professional tennis, is an Outward Bound alumni, and loves her time with her two boys Adam and Danny.

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