When Is My Business Real?


When is my business real? I was asked this question by a client who has been building her new
business making necklaces and selling them. I immediately asked her what made her ask
such a question? She’s been making steady progress forward.

She started making her necklaces for her friends, then friends of friends, then she boldly went
to specialty stores and asked the owners if they would carry her necklaces. After many, many
“no’s” a “yes” arrived. Once she got use to the volume that’s when I met her. She needed a loan
to expand her inventory. She’s already been using her credit cards for supplies but she wanted
a “line of credit” with lower interest.

I helped her set up her Quick-books Online account, built her financials and helped her fill out
the bank forms. For her, the process went fast. She already had a relationship with her banker
and she had excellent credit. From the moment we started the process getting her financial
foundation started to getting her loan was exactly 42 days.

We are now helping her build out her online store and getting her into the new world of online

But, I haven’t answered the question for her, “when is her business real”?

Her business became real the moment she acted on her dream!