Building Your Customer’s Experiences (CX) For Real Time Responses

Staying In Front Of Your Customers (CRM)

Giving power To Your Customers Voice’s (VoC)

Enable a Business Ecosystem By Engaging Your Customer Community

Customer Experience

Our mission has evolved.

To evolve, means embracing the fact that the customer is in

To embrace the evolutionary progress of Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) solutions we now enable a full scope of
full and robust features and functionality to realize real time
Customer Experience (CX).

We assist clients in finding the right CRM solution and implement
with admin and training support.

Customer Experience (CX) is all about:

  • Breaking down the silos in companies to build a common customer experience (CX).
  • The customer experience (CX) is now viewed in a holistic approach across all channels.
  • Companies no longer can focus internally, now the focus is external to the customer.
  • Customers expectations are real time responses to questions or problems.
  • Customer retention is contingent on a companies transparency to a customers needs.

Graph Source: eConsultancy

Customer Experience

The Top 3 Critical Business Objectives for CRM

84% Improve Process Efficiency
75% Increase Productivity
44% Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction


The Top 3 Operating Benefits From CRM

87% Centralized Customer Data
70% Improved Data Quality & Value
60% Improved Visibility of Communications and Activities

Sourced: MaximizerCRM

Some of the features you can expect:

  • Organize all customer contacts into one database to send out consistent and professional communications
  • Stay on top of tasks, notes, and reminders for each contact including your client’s history
  • Set up a course of action with activity plans for each customer to reach your sales goal
  • Build sales pipelines and know where the customer is in the sales funnel
  • Market more effectively to past clients, hot prospects, and important referral sources
  • Each person in your company will see the last communication with the client
  • Marketing can be set up on autopilot with your company’s professional content
  • When out in the field or running around use CRM robust mobile apps to enter customer’s updates

Additional Services and Product Offerings:

Eidesis Solutions combines its vast experience to combine technical, market and business skills to deliver advice and guidance in meeting your business mission and goals.

Eidesis Solutions works with companies to drive their business planning with strategic and tactical planning that their CRM can drive in exceeding their annual sales.

Eidesis Solutions also delivers CRM Solutions with QuickBooks integration.

Eidesis Solutions, offers CRM workshops for small to mid-size business owners. These workshops includes such topics as CRM strategies, benefits and recommended CRM solutions per your industry.

In addition, Eidesis Solutions has built a new CRM business series workshop product for the Real Estate industry.

Soon arriving our  “Lure & Leads” app to build a referral network.

Customer Experience