Wanting to Start a Business? Choose with Your Heart.


If you google ‘how to start a business’ you will get recommendations about the first steps to developing a business from the ground up. What type of business you want to make, how to find your market, and a list of different ideas to get you brainstorming. You might even get caught up in the different business models: franchises, networking models, multi-level systems, influencers, bloggers, writers, sell on Shopify, sell on amazon, be a part of the gig economy, be a virtual assistant and on and on.

In all my readings, success is determined by your love of your business choice.  Simply put, “love what you do”.  Why? Because loving what you do will see you through the hard times that any start-up experiences.

How do you find your business? It starts with what you are interested in. I’ve heard more stories that future business owners want to do something that help people. I’m going to go out on a limb and say five out of seven people I work with say that often, resulting in a lot of desire and energy to help our fellow neighbor.

I got thinking and started to push back on this premise. What if instead of helping our fellow neighbor what about our planet? I could see the thought was overwhelming, which I guess it is. How can you start a business that could help the planet? Push back was intense, rightfully.

“I need to take care of my family, pay the bills, educate my children” is on every start-ups mind.  And to my detriment I didn’t have any suggestions on business models that help the planet and make a profit. If I’m going to throw something out there like that I had better come up with some examples. Which is the point of today.

I had better have some construct on how to recommend the next step besides saying “just go google (research)”. So, with that as the background that’s what we are doing at Eidesis Solutions. Researching and gathering information on businesses that are helping the planet, which may open ideas for us and our clients to service these businesses and in turn help the planet and serve our neighbors. We will be sharing our efforts.

Our first inspiring business is a company called @GirlfriendCollective.  This is a textile start-up that produces leggings from recycled plastic water bottles and sustainable polyester materials. Did you know that we are finding plastic waste in every corner of the planet from Florida to the Artic sea, to farm fields to our ocean’s sea turtles eating plastic bags? The Girlfriend Collective mission is one that merges innovation, sustainability and a commitment to the highest working conditions. Their factory is in Taiwan. Learn more about Girlfriend Collective at their website:  https://www.girlfriend.com/