Customer Experience Seminars – Industry Focused

Eidesis Solutions believes information and training is at the core for your business to reach it’s goals and ultimate success. We offer a 4 hour seminar for businesses to understand the benefits, strategies, features and functionality a “Customer Experience” strategy can bring to their business success.

Building a “Customer Experience” strategy means to build on every interaction a company has with it’s contacts, leads, opportunities and customers. It’s a new strategy in building your processes that now include both pre and post sales interactions.  We help you build actionable plans to put into place to build a vibrant, holistic, and meaningful experience for your customers.

Customer Service, Marketing and Sales now join forces in one effort to serve the customer. It’s a revolution in understanding the customer is in charge.

Your seminar will include:

  • The natural course of the “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE“ revolution
  • 4-6-8 Legs of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Table” based on your industry
  • Incorporating your CRM into the “Customer Experience” (CX);  trend, strategies and benefits
  • How to listen to you customers voices (VoC)
  • What features and functionality you will need to reach your customer experience goals
  • Top CRMs to enhance the CX for your industry
  • Tour of the top CRMs and CX for marketing automation on speed dial
  • Building new leads and referrals – Yes – it actually works
  • Building your brand as an expert in your space
  • Discussion of present and future challenges for your business
  • Final – Next steps for your LAUNCH!

Defining the “Customer Experience”

Customer experience entails all aspects of any interaction that a company has with its prospects, customers, including sales, marketing, product fulfillment, customer service and any engagement a business would have for a successful customer journey. Customer Experience is a business strategy that enables businesses to:

  • Engage at the beginning of a customer relationship in both pre and post engagement.
  • Understand your individual customer
  • Retain customers through a better customer experience
  • Attract new customers to win new clients loyalty and contracts
  • Develop a strategy for new leads and lead management
  • Understanding the neurosciences of building your referrals
  • Decrease new customer costs

Register Your Company For An Industry-Focused Seminar

Please register here to set-up a scheduled seminar for your business. We appreciate all of the support from our community and their referrals! Referrals are the foundation for any business growth and that’s why we support our community with referrals and recommendations as well!