We Are Here To Help You Give Your Customers The Best Customer Journey

Here at Eidesis Solutions, we are now offering unique products and services to help our clients create some awesome customer journeys.  We bring our own insight, expertise, and experience to each individual client. Our collective experience has allowed us to build industry partners and lead generation marketing campaigns.


Industry Partner Campaigns

Communication is key to any relationship. When mutual partners in any industry can work together to increase their mutual shared customers all parties benefit. For that reason we have built “Industry Partner Campaigns”. In the real estate industry for example we have a lender and realtor team up in Google Ad campaigns to better serve customers needs.

CRM Implementation

Being able to manage your clients is a great way to start your business! A CRM implementation is a great way to have all of your clients in one place and be able to set up campaigns to send out newsletters, keep client information up to date, and grow your business to bigger heights.


Data is your best friend when it comes to understanding if a product or campaign is working. With a database help, we can help sort all of your data in an easily manageable way to see what sort of corrections need assistance in your market.

Web Development

A website says a lot about a person’s business and how they interact with their clients. We can help you create a website that perfectly reflects your intentions and get your business to a new professional look with our web developers!


Mobile App Development

Apps are an excellent way for your clients to be able to access your business with the touch of a button! We are excited as our app development team expands we will  give you a customizable app designed for your specific business needs. What type of app would you like us to help you build?

Consulting Services FAQs

Can I have multiple services at once?

Of course!  We are here to help you run your business more efficiently and more effectively. If a combination of our services will help your business become proficient then we will do our utmost best to make sure that our work reflects your desires.

Who will be helping me with the service?

We have several loyal members of our crew that will be in contact with you throughout the course of the service you are looking for. We are a proactive group that will make sure we complete your order and it follows every specification you are looking for in your service!

When will I have to pay?

We will only charge you once you’ve completed a form for the specific type of services you would like for your business. There will be a deposit and some fees, but we won’t charge you for the entire service until it is completed and at your highest standard.

Is this business the one for my service?

We are an enthusiastic company seeking locally owned small-business owners, mortgage lenders, and even realtors to help them in their pursuits. We’re doing this because we’ve been in your shoes before trying to find help and guidance. We want to give back and be able to help anyone who feels inclined to grow and develop their business more!

Join the many other small businesses that we’ve helped!

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