Curious about Customer Relationship Management for the Real Estate Residential Sector


What’s a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a software tool to help you automate and track your interactions and communications (ex. e-newsletter, drip campaigns) to your prospects and clients.


I keep hearing I need a CRM! But why?

The worst thing a REALTOR can do is fail to keep in touch with their former clients. You want to stay “top of mind.” It’s important that you stay in front of your prospects and clients, so they remember you for referral-based business.


My friend/colleague/competitor has been in this business for years/for a long time. I’ve heard I need to do this, but they still don’t.

Is it resistance to change? Fear of commitment? The work involved? The reasons are as numerous as the REALTORS® out there. But if you embrace the strategies and benefits of a CRM, you’ll have an edge over those who know they should do it, but don’t.


Everyone wants to sell me something in this business. I just say “no” to all this new technology. Why is CRM different?

For years, the real estate business has been hit with salesmen peddling another tool or magic potion to help REALTORS®’ success. Once CRM tools were exclusively for Fortune 500 companies, but over the last five years, technology has driven the costs of a CRM tool down. CRM’s adoption rates have sky-rocketed in the last three years and is now embraced by all industries and all sizes of businesses.

Unlike the shortcuts that have been sold to REALTORS as keys to success, CRM works by engaging customers, who then recommend you to their peers. What steps are you taking to ensure you’re driving these kinds of highly engaged relationships? CRM can help you:

  • capture and leverage your data to drive engagement
  • set up a welcome plan to solidify your relationship with new clients
  • send post-transaction communications that help ensure satisfaction
  • build a lifecycle marketing plan that enhances every customer touch point

I’m not good with technology. How can I possibly do this?

Today’s CRMs are more intuitive, user-friendly and less overwhelming than they were in the past. The best CRMs focused on real estate have fantastic customer support to guide you every step of the way.


DMAR thanks CRM expert Jeanne Reynolds for contributing the bulk of this article. If you want to learn more from her about Customer Relationship Management, register  for May 19th event in Denver, Colorado Drive. Manage. Innovate Part 2: Jeanne Reynolds & CRM Breakdown.