CRM and Lead Management



One of the biggest factors when you choose a CRM is the ability to automatically capture
leads into your CRM. A full featured CRM will allow you to:

-Receive leads automatically in your CRM,
-Place the leads in your contact list,
-Enter the lead into a group (segment, tag) to receive personalized content,
-Each lead is sourced into a report of the most converted leads,
-Leads from referrals are automatically entered in that referrals profile,
-Alert you immediately you have received a lead for follow up by email and SMS
-All steps automatically within seconds of that leads entry into your CRM universe.

Regardless where a lead comes from, whether it’s a form on your website, landing page,
a lead generator vendor, PPC, email campaigns and other advertising endeavors they all
have a magnet or button for more information or interest in your offerings.

When we review CRMs for our clients we make sure certain fundamental features and
functionality are present. The goal of our CRMs is to build our relationships which builds
our businesses. Lead generation is mandatory in building our business so it follows lead
management is compulsory in our business processes.