One of the biggest factors when you choose a CRM is the ability to automatically capture leads into your CRM. A full featured CRM will allow you to: -Receive leads automatically in your CRM, -Place the leads in your contact list, -Enter the lead into a group (segment, tag) to receive personalized content, -Each […]

Customer Experience

The following are the top features you need in your real estate specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to build a robust customer experience(CX). We recommend solutions we use, our clients use and will help you build your business. Whether you try our recommendations or not, use our knowledge, our fails, our wins and our lessons […]

  One night when I was trying (operative word “trying”) to finish up a proposal where nothing was going right; printer out of ink and no spare, internet speed choppy, yelling at my internet service provider again, placing chili powder in the crock pot instead of paprika and noticing the flickering of the lamp’s light […]

  The last 12 months, since we started to offer the Realtor CRM workshop in Denver, Colorado, we would open up the last section of the day to questions. As our attendance grew and the classes became more diverse with new licensed Realtors,  Realtors who want to expand and build their businesses aggressively (over 150%) […]

NOTE: This was written in the fall of 2015! Enjoy this article before the sequel arrives in the fall of 2018.   Did you know that 2,973 (1) new Realtor associate licenses were given in the last 12 months in Colorado? I’m not sure how the rest of the country looks, but the Denver, Colorado […]