That’s a long title but to the point.   In December 2018 our business planning discussions focused on our industries we were working in. The strategy session reviewed the pros and cons of our current industries.  We also had everyone bring to the session industries they feel would be a good fit for us […]

    Colorado House Bill 18-1128 went into effect on September 1, 2018 however questions and implementation issues continue. Delays have more to do with the confusion between Colorado’s House Bill 18-1128, the new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and ongoing data breaches that continue to haunt the public sector. Adding to the confusion or […]

Here you go, the top features a CRM can offer you that an excel spreadsheet can’t. Enjoy and be inspired to jump into the CRM universe! When you need to have all your contact’s information, their social media profile, every interaction (emails, notes, reminders) all in one place. Yep all there in one glance! When […]

If you google ‘how to start a business’ you will get recommendations about the first steps to developing a business from the ground up. What type of business you want to make, how to find your market, and a list of different ideas to get you brainstorming. You might even get caught up in the […]

When is my business real? I was asked this question by a client who has been building her new business making necklaces and selling them. I immediately asked her what made her ask such a question? She’s been making steady progress forward. She started making her necklaces for her friends, then friends of friends, then […]