Announcing “The 365 Year” The Year of The Crazy

I want to personally invite you all to join me this year for what I’m calling “The 365 Year”. What does this mean? It means we all have 365 days in a year; steps, tasks or intentions to accomplish goals that we set for ourselves. So by December 31, 2017 I would like to see Eidesis Solutions accomplish its goals this year!

I’ve announced this “crazy” idea with the purpose to educate everyone in our CRM community to show off the power of a CRM for their business success. So far the idea has manifested by a countdown post each day on twitter and Facebook with best practices, motivation, insight and features for you to continue to be energized and to implement a successful CRM plan regardless of which CRM you choose.

So how did this idea even happen? Well, quite honestly being down with the flu for the first time in years did it! Which meant thinking a lot rather than doing. It was amazingly frustrating because I had so many things I wanted (as opposed to needed) done before 2017 rang in.

I kind of went with the idea, let’s just do it and figured the details will work themselves out as we go along.

So how is this different from just making a New Year’s resolution? Good question, because that’s what I was thinking. So it feels more intentional or on purpose beyond just me, like weight lost resolutions which are self centric. I feel committed to getting as many businesses started with a CRM regardless of their industry and whichever CRM they choose. Whether we endorsed the CRM solution or not. We just want you to get started!

So this “crazy” concept is a matter of just doing it and seeing how “The 365 Year” experience turns out throughout the year. Like a resolution it is starting out with a goal, but I think this goal can sprout many other goals, u-turns, detours and forks in the road.

If there’s something I’ve learned the last few years it’s when you go down uncharted roads you are going to experience new scenery, new fears, new experiences, new frustrations and new skills to navigate forward.

Which means we grow by experiencing the unknown. Now that’s an adventure! And I’m taking you all with me warts and all. Is it possible when I’m feeling better, no more fever, no more waking up with coughing attacks and no more laryngitis I’ll wake up and say, “what have I done”? Yep probably.

Will this be a perfect execution? Absolutely not, which I think is the whole point.

Sometimes we think so much about doing something we don’t do it! I decided to not approach this with everything figured out, not the usual type A part of me. Instead, I was spurred on with just the idea and its possibilities by not knowing how it will evolve or grow.

I hope you will all follow the “crazy” and the “adventure” and see where an idea began, with little detail, looks on December 31, 2017. Happy New Year!

Split Second Heroes – Medal of Honor Recipients – Finding Your “Core”

One night when I was trying (operative word “trying”) to finish up a proposal where nothing was going right; printer out of ink and no spare, internet speed choppy, yelling at my internet service provider again, placing chili powder in the crock pot instead of paprika and noticing the flickering of the lamp’s light slowly going out.

In my state of total self absorption with “insignificance”, my eye caught a news stream, Einar H. Ingman Jr. passes away. Who is Einar, why is that in my news stream? I admit I’m a little OCD about my technology, news streams, staying on top of everything CRM and I am admittedly certifiable. But really, who is Einar and why has he interrupted my finely tuned universe?

The answer soon appears with a search. I was so distracted by “everything” and I obviously needed an excuse to not work on this proposal, which was missing “something” like my undivided attention.

INGMAN, EINAR H., JR, an American, was a Medal of Honor recipient who passed away September 10th, 2015. He had been awarded his medal in 1951 while fighting in Korea. His story of heroism occurred while his (more)

4 Legs Of The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Table

The last 12 months, since we started to offer the Realtor CRM workshop in Denver, Colorado, we would open up the last section of the day to questions. As our attendance grew and the classes became more diverse with new licensed Realtors,  Realtors who want to expand and build their businesses aggressively (over 150%) and Realtors ready to sell their business (exit strategy), our high energy exchanges always came back to many “catch phrases”, our students kept hearing about in the CRM landscape that felt confusing.

Many of these “catch phrases” were, what is sales force automation, what does CRM tasks mean, what’s the difference between email marketing and social media marketing? How do they apply to the Realtor’s business and the implementation of their business strategies and goals?

Because of these robust and fun discussions I changed the first 5 minutes of our workshop with an overview of the CRM landscape that helps organize these perceived ambiguities.  I call these, the 4 legs of our CRM landscape. (more)

2,973 New Colorado Realtor Associates In The Last 12 Months – Won’t Be Around In 2017?

Original post on LinkedIn September 16, 2015

Did you know that 2,973 (1) new Realtor associate licenses were given in the last 12 months in Colorado? I’m not sure how the rest of the country looks, but the Denver, Colorado market has been crazy this year. I kept hearing about 10 to 20 different offers on one house, hours after it went up for sale. So this may be an excellent career and small business choice based on this crazy market weather.

But I had to ask myself why did 2,973 people decide to get their real estate license? Are they buying a house and thought they would save money? Do they have 12 friends they know who are going to be buying/selling houses the next year? Are they going to become a landlord or buy houses and flip them? Is the HGTV channel an influencer? I’m not an agent and I’m none of the above. I work with small businesses with their sales force automation, customer relationship management (CRM) solution choices and email marketing platforms. I usually service manufacturers, financial institutions, healthcare, banks, and many, many small business owners… (more)

Curious about Customer Relationship Management for the Real Estate Residential Sector

What’s a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a software tool to help you automate and track your interactions and communications (ex. e-newsletter, drip campaigns) to your prospects and clients.

I keep hearing I need a CRM! But why?

The worst thing a REALTOR can do is fail to keep in touch with their former clients. You want to stay “top of mind.” It’s important that you stay in front of your prospects and clients so they remember you for referral-based business…(more)

The 365 Year

Day 227-254

That moment when you realize there’s 255 more days in the year to get your goals done!

Day 255 – 298

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!” The view from behind is not good, as the person in front of you is blocking most of it. Get things done!

Day 299

Just for our solopreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs. Start your morning coffee and donuts with updating your contacts groups to maximize your personalization, marketing and educational content. Remember the right message at the right time!

Day 300 – 307

THE 365 Year – Days 300 – 307 Sometimes it’s just hard to face all that we have to do in our businesses each day. Times like this it’s time for a break to refresh! Have a joyful weekend and laugh loudly!

Day 308 – 316

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, processes, strategies and best practices help us, as small business owners, to keep in front of our leads, referrals and customers with consistent and professional educational content. It’s the front door to our businesses.

Day 317 – 327

Be thirsty, constantly strive, be disciplined and in the face of a cycle of successes be never satisfied!

Days 328 – 337

Days 328 – 337 When Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked one reason for their individual successes they both answered FOCUS!

Days 338 – 343

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are there to enhance your business proficiency arsenal. Building relationships and your skills can be challenging but the day will come they will be a part of your business artistry.

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