Entries by Jeanne Reynolds

Day 358

Day 358 Weekend Inspiration Failure is one of the greatest teachers on our path in meeting our goals!

Day 359

Day 359 Inspiration: A year from now you will regret what your didn’t start today! It’s time to lift yourself and your business to the next level. Launch your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution NOW! Imagine your success on December 31, 2017. Message us to help you today.

Day 360

Day-360 Sometimes when we start new processes #CRM it can be overwhelming. STOP! Then start with one task & one task only #The365Year

Day 361

Day 361 – CRM Features That Will Grow Your business – On top of my list is analytics, which means having reports tell you who is opening your marketing emails, how many times and when!

Day 362

Day – 362 of “The 365 Year” New projects create new ideas, new goals, new tasks and new technology. The 365 Year is growing in ways we didn’t even imagine when we started and it’s just day 362 oh my! What have we gotten ourselves into?

Day 363

Day 363 – The number one reason #CRM implementations fail? Users adoption rate! They need to buy in. They need to know the reward at the end of the CRM implementation.

Day 364

Day 364 in our “The 365 Year” — Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best practices include aggregate your customers in one CRM database for optimum success for your small business whether you are a start-up, REALTOR or independent entrepreneur. Contact us for your personalize Customer Relationship Management seminar or workshop and join our “The 365 Year”. […]

Day 365

Day 365 – Start today in walking each day toward your goals for “The 365 Year” Stay tune to experience “The 365 Year” with Eidesis Solutions. Let your passions be your engine.