DAY 219 – 216

Stay disciplined, stay focus, stay fearless and then when frustration stops you in your tracks reach out to hold a hand (paw) to support you. Building your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) daily best practices includes staying disciplined by adding all of your interactions with each contact that includes calls, meetings or promises made.

Day 226 – 220

Memorial Day 2017
We honor all warriors with both 2 legs and 4!

Day 254-227

That moment when you realize there’s 255 more days in the year to get your goals done!

Day 298 – 255

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!” The view from behind is not good, as the person in front of you is blocking most of it. Get things done!

Day 299

Just for our solopreneurs and start-up entrepreneurs. Start your morning coffee and donuts with updating your contacts groups to maximize your personalization, marketing and educational content. Remember the right message at the right time!

Day 307 – 300

THE 365 Year – Days 307 – 300 Sometimes it’s just hard to face all that we have to do in our businesses each day. Times like this it’s time for a break to refresh! Have a joyful weekend and laugh loudly!

Day 316 – 308

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, processes, strategies and best practices help us, as small business owners, to keep in front of our leads, referrals and customers with consistent and professional educational content. It’s the front door to our businesses.

Day 327 – 317

Be thirsty, constantly strive, be disciplined and in the face of a cycle of successes be never satisfied!

Days 337 – 328

Days 337 – 328 When Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked one reason for their individual successes they both answered FOCUS!

Days 343 – 338

Day 343 – 338 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are there to enhance your business proficiency arsenal. Building relationships and your skills can be challenging but the day will come they will be a part of your business artistry.

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