We Are Leading The Next Customer Revolution!

Business Success = Customer-Centric Strategy + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + Customer Experience (CX) + Voice of Customer (VoC)

What We Do

Our mission is to guide business owners to build a customer centric business with  “Customer Experience” (CX) plus “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) and now the “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) for their clients and themselves.

We have launched the “Triple Threat Solutions” for your business success: QuickBooks Online + CRM, CX, VoC + “Lure & Lead”™ app. We help you digitize your business stream of supporting processes to build the ultimate communications hub.

Who We Are

We are fanatical about fulfilling our customers needs so they can exceed with their customer’s expectations.  Our super power? Listening to our customers then building products and services to exceed their revenue growth goals.

The evolution of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) takes us to the full cycle in the Customer Experience (CX ) Journey to include The Voice of the Customer (VoC). We now build on the promise that if you take care of your customer your business will thrive. Being Customer-Centric becomes the ultimate business strategy.

We have expanded our product offerings because we listened. We have now incorporated our Quick-Books Online Pro Adviser Team so our clients learn how to manage their business. Our clients learn how to understand their Balance Sheet and their Profit & Loss reports to better manage as business professionals.  We have also added our “Lure & Lead” app team that builds a sustainable referral network. Your databases that reside in your accounting, emails, social-media, contact management all become one coherent ecosystem to build your business customer strategies resulting in more leads, more customers and more referrals.

We listen, we learn, we grow, we win, we fail, we adjust and our customers benefit with their business success. Join us and let’s have fun!

Who We Serve

Eidesis Solutions provides expertise and experience, supported by software solutions and technology, to help businesses build a real-time Customer Experience (CX) for their clients, stay in communication with their customers (CRM) and listen to their customers (VoC).

We are hyper focused on clients in these industries. They include: Financial, Energy, Government, Health-Care, Legal, Real Estate, Sustainability and the broad industry of Professional Business Services.

We focus on the ultimate goal that our clients become customer-centric through our “Triple Threat Solutions”™ that enable personal, real-time responsiveness and relationship building for their business success.


“I walked out of Jeanne’s CRM workshop and realized I just experienced my first, all out business class!”

I highly recommend Jeanne Reynolds as a consultant for all of your CRM needs as well as any advice needed for building your business. I am a Realtor, Doctor, Airbnb super host and entrepreneur. Jeanne has given me the best sound and solid advice imaginable. Don’t hesitate to include her as part of your team

Jeanne Reynolds is a fantastic business woman who cares about making her clients and friends as successful as possible. Not only is Jeanne a great human, she really cares about her clients and goes out her way to find ways for them to succeed. Jeanne has a proven track record and is a joy to work with!

“The amount of marketing knowledge that came out of this class was a surprise! I thought I was just going to learn about a new CRM. Instead, I learned tons of new marketing techniques and savvy business tricks. This class is worth a whole lot more than you can imagine. Thank you for everything you have done. I look forward to attending more classes in the future.”

The Customer Experience (CX) Moves To A Customer-Centric Revolution!
The Customer Is Completely In Charge!

Eidesis Solutions threads the belief that, “your customer is your business and your interactions with your customers are an integral part in building your business.” We build this philosophy into every one of our Customer Experience (CX) solutions and training products.

We know from both experience and data that our customers demand and expect Real-Time experiences.  80% of businesses expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time.  Source: eConsultancy

According to Gartner, 89% of companies now compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% in 2013. Customers also expect their experiences with a brand to be in-the-moment, something that requires said brand to have a clearer, more holistic understanding of its customers.

Let us help you
build a Customer
Experience (CX)
to build your business.